His Serene Highness Yust II Oberon, The Faery King (thefaeryking) wrote in realm_o_the_fae,
His Serene Highness Yust II Oberon, The Faery King

Sage burns

Sage burns,
Smoke fills the room,
In the arms of my true love soon,
Distance never separates this love that binds,
Joined in the forest,
Midsummer’s time,
Leaf of Green,
Brown of wood,
Two together,
Often misunderstood,
Kissing lips,
Our hearts do race,
Eye to eye,
Face to Face,
A pair,
Caught between The Fae and human race,
Bodies in waves intertwined,
His words to me,
The rhythm divine,
Our moods a storm,
Sun-fire, Thunder-light,
Rain of the cosmos bathes us,
In pale moonlight,
You my love travel in this heart this night,
Dawn leads to sunset’s fury,
My idea of love before you,
Was often blurry,
The angels wept,
The earth did move,
That first night,
That kiss with you,
It did prove to be a chain of happy moments,
Mountains moved,
Finger tips sailing ships,
A sea of love,
How I ache for your lips,
The heavens sent you,
My love sublime,
Meandering through my heart,
An amorous river,
From the start,
Rolling tides,
Faerie smiles,
You Baby, can be so untamed and wild,

In the billowing clouds of darkest night,
We cling together,
Sharing this life,
Frankincense burns,
My eyes right now,
A misty sight,
Winged creatures we,
Technicolor angels,
Who together fly,
Soaring flicker,
Eagles in flight,
Dream-state carries,
Loving hearts joined,
Emotion with might,
Yes my love,
We have awhile,
To travel life’s roads,
Sharing agony and smiles,
Diving the sky,
It is you, who gave me the stars and Moon,
A sunlit meadow,
Such stormy moods,
Laced with passion,
Sometimes Blue,
Unbounded love Aurelia said,
Me thinks it true,
To love I surrender,
Why fight a love so tender,
A heart the beats,
As candle burns,
This very night.
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