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The Origin Of The Fae, A King's Tale


Faery or Faerie is a creature of divine extraction, an angel so to speak with fashion sense enough not to commit the fashion felony of brandishing White wings between Memorial Day and Labor Day or visa versa. White is not done well or convincing by God’s little pranksters with a desire for love. (You can disregard that rule if you look like Matt Damon, Ben Affleck or Jamie Lee Curtis. She can do whatever she wants!)

We engage in mischief and a particular kind of magick that is for the most part love or humor based. Usually in the Green and Brown of the forest Fae magick is at its peak. Pixie dust is not required, although it gives a little flair to things. It is not necessarily a queer thing, but we of the Faery Kingdom are decidedly free spirits YUST II OBERON, THE MAGNIFICENT NAKED FAERY KING


The Pecking Order of The Fae


There are two types of Faeries among the human race. They are the “Lithe” and the “Terrans”. The Lithe are the airborne Fae. The Terran is an earthbound Fae. The two are fully animated living creatures who possess great magickal ability in full Fae form. Even though a different path is chosen with the Terran they are really the same. They Lithe fly around bringing comfort and painful lessons to mortals. These Fae tend to inflict pain on mortals for violating the laws of love. A Faery bite is nasty. Once bitten the wound never fully heals. The Terran are plagued with more earthly desires.


The Lithe are particularly hard on the Terran, those earthbound Fae in human form, because they love them just a little more than human-kind or those of their kind content to stay behind. They also disapprove of the Terran being bad ambassadors to the human race.


The worst bites and the dreaded pixy punishment are fates reserved for those who do not honor the love of ones heart, acting contrary to the ethics of said love. The pixy punishment is unspeakable. The Terran possess some magickal ability but it is their Lithe brethren who effect profound change around them all the time, like guardian angels.


Sometimes this Fae help does more harm than good at least in the human sense because there is danger in the prying eyes of cynical humans who know that there is something different about these creatures. The burning stake is heavy with the blood of the Fae. Some chose to remain ignorant in their judgment of those different from them. The Fae only fear those who have directly and deliberately harmed them. Most often they prefer the stranger’s touch, especially if that stranger is unusual.




The Terran Fae live without memory of where they come from, not understanding the purpose of the breezeway until true love, in the human sense, befalls them. They might see and know on some level what these illuminated passages are, but with the burden of a human mind blocking the Fae they do not fully understand its purpose. The door might even beckon to them, as their kindred, the Fae, miss their friends in human form. It is a kind of divine love that transcends the human experience. Of course Faeries know that there is no love like human love.



The Lithe use Faerie portals called breezeways to travel from the realm, a part of heaven, to earth. This passage is open to them upon earth’s full moon and other occasions which are dictated by a divine calendar based on the moons of their realm in the outer reaches of heaven. Should a Terran enter one of these passages they immediately change form, returning to their Lithe form, disappearing forever from the human race. In the human sense they vanish.


All beings created by God have strengths and weaknesses. The angels were created to serve and most do this well. They are like divine eunuchs always following the Masters voice. Some fall prey to jealousy and the lust for power. Some have been cast down and they are not only dangerous to humans but the Fae as well. There remains distrust between these two beings because of a war that left many of the Fae heaven-bound, due to broken wings. They must be content to experience their calling through the angelic language of Fae poets who have come back from their Terran experience. The realm is in the far reaches of the heavens because the Fae are vulnerable to dark angels. This realm is guarded by the watchers.


When the watchers come to earth they transform into bullfrogs alerting the Fae to danger at or near the entrance of the breezeways.


In Fae form the Watchers are the most beautiful of all Fae creatures. They fly with sword and shield in hand. They are the warrior knights of the Faery realm. Take care in offending a bullfrog. It might be dangerous.



It is said that a watcher is so beautiful that should a human catch one coming through a breezeway they would fall in love forever. The Fae do not have this problem with their own as they are, in complete Fae form, immune to this kind of human love. The bullfrog was a little extreme but they had to do something about their appearance to mortals. Besides Faeries are often over the top in what they do anyway.


The Fae, though rebellious in nature, are practioners of the playful rebellion that a child might have toward a parent. They are jesters in the divine court, the musicians and artists who make God laugh. They are not immune to God’s wrath though. The angels with all of their bowing and patronizing gestures have not the ability to ease the burden of the divine. They love the Master and serve him, even with their rebellious blinking hearts.


The Fae heart blinks in colorful hues that can be seen by the naked eye. In fact when humankind observes the Fae, they see their hearts light projected onto little lanterns, giving off a slight reflection of them selves. Perhaps Spielberg is a Terran. Many of the earth’s artists are.


The Fae never grow up because they are born fully mature in the Fae sense. To the human eye they are a bunch of irresponsible children. They have their place like all of God's creatures. The Fae effect change in the human condition with their magick and they have the weakness of longing because so much of the ability is given to helping mortals. As a result of so much human contact they have fallen prey to a desire to experience that painful human gift of love.


The Lithe are content to watch and divine this experience of human emotion in their true form. While sympathetic to the human pain of love, they do not fully experience it. All wrestle with the thought of Terran transformation, but most are content. These can not fully empathize with mortals. Contrary to the idea that an angel falls to earth of wings of desire upon falling in love with a certain human, the Lithe decides on whether or not it is to be placed in the well of souls before enjoying the human experience. This creature is then born of a womb, with all the pain and joy and human being experiences.



As for love, these Fae are not guaranteed that they will find it so it is all a big gamble. The Fae love to gamble in a very heavenly sense. Should a Terran find true love, Fae memory is restored and released from its human-prison. At this point much is realized. Many of the mysteries then come to light. They then fully understand the purpose of the breezeway, which is like an escape hatch for those in human form. Should life become too painful, it is the "door of compassion." Few ever use the breezeway, instead preferring to remain among the human race and in the arms of their true love. They learn that there is bliss in suffering, most especially the suffering born of human love.


In the past this door has been used by the awakened Fae who has lost the one they love either by death of other circumstances. Fae hearts are light so the burden of a broken heart can overwhelm them to point of despair that few in the human race can understand.


There are 40 Fae Kings in the realm, their emperor being The Master. Most are content to sit back on their gossamer thrones, drinking Divine Mead, playing mischief on one another, while attempting to maintain a degree of order with the disorderly lot of the Fae.


Only one of these Watchers, the tribe that all Faery kings are made in, has ever had any interest in experiencing the perils and pitfalls of the human experience. They do protect the Watchers sent to earth, from all enemies of the Fae.


In the realm the kings are most powerful, but should they decide to enter the well of souls, thus becoming mortal, the king then becomes most vulnerable in that suit of flesh. This is another reason why so few kings have ever had the desire to make the arduous journey to human form. Their sensitivity is a reflection of their Fae beauty.



The Terran Fae who wears the Leafen crown has a name which translated from the angelic Faeish language, is Hope.


With all that faces him the temptation, even in the face of love, to walk through the breezeway is great. He can not depart until his journey is done because as with all warriors, honor and duty must come first. Many in the realm think that this king has gone soft, in the head. Most understand that his real vulnerability is his love for the human race and the circle which he has surrounded himself with, in particular.


Yust, The Magnificent Naked Faery King

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