His Serene Highness Yust II Oberon, The Faery King (thefaeryking) wrote in realm_o_the_fae,
His Serene Highness Yust II Oberon, The Faery King

The Poet

From A Cambridge Stage Last Night, This Was Delivered To Poets

Last night I became the poet's poet and since love is the only thing I have ever sought in this life, my dream has been realized and my prayers answered.

The Poet

As I have said before, “Love is the poets poison, that drink willingly drunk, which elevates us to illuminated bliss, yet, it is when said love passes that the writer writes his most sublime.”

We are poets all,

And poet foes are my friends,

Because we share in the beauty of the written and spoken word,

Our words build dreams, which can become reality,

We struggle to master our craft,

Relating our experience of pleasure, pain, joy, sorrow,

And in that Pandora's box of life, yes... Hope

and love too.

At times in my most grandiose state,

I extol a bravado that is not false, but hopeful,

For I do believe that mankind is at it’s best when inspired by poetry,

When our metaphors are divinely inspired,

We walk with God,

And what greater tribute to him,

Then to render pristine words unto the heavens.

God is a poet,

And life is the poem,

When we are touched by an act of heroism,

We immortalize the hero,

We learn and give lessons of the villains in this world,

We bring humor to the humorless,

And solace to the grief-stricken,

We cause the ignorant to reflect on wisdom,

Words can even give rise to courage,

Yes, my love of the written word,

Surpasses obsession,

And my words have helped to heal others,

As the words of my fellow poets have healed me,

In moments of a creative performance,

I have watched poets bring tears to the eyes,

And moisture to the seat,

We are in good company with one another,

And I wish you, my peers,

Brothers and sisters of the pen and page,

The blessing of many more words........


When we look back, what we'll remember most are those times......when kindness made a difference in our lives...
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