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The Book Of Fae

Writings Of The Fae Folk

* ~ * ~ * ~ The Realm Of The Faery ~ * ~ * ~ *
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You may ask yourself, "What exactly is a Faerie?"

Well, His Divine Y-Ness, Yust II Oberon, The Faery King has this Royal Declaration about that,

Faery or Faerie is a creature of divine extraction, an angel with fashion sense, sense enough not to commit the fashion felony of brandishing White wings, between Memorial Day and Labor Day or visa vera. (You can disregard that rule if you look like Matt Damon, Ben Affleck or Jamie Lee Curtis. She can do whatever she wants!)

We engage in mischief and a particular kind of magic, that is for the most part love or humor based, usually, of the Green and Brown of the forrest, in theme. Pixie dust is not required, although it gives a little flair to things. It is not necessarily da HOMO thing, but we of the Faery Kingdom are decidedly free spirits.

Community Moderators

His Divine Y-Ness, Yust II Oberon, The Faery King - thefaeryking

Knight Prince of the Southern Sphere And Keeper Of The Records - angelsboi

Community Rules

1. Be free, happy and live life to the fullest.

2. No bad mouthing anyone here. Strong debate and mischief are encouraged but nothing too viscious, please.

3. Respect everyones viewpoints and beliefs.

4. If you spite the King, or do something that goes against the Fae Conduct, you will be asked to leave.

5. Poetry is added to the Memories Section.

6. Essays are added to the Essay Section.

7. NO ONE but angelsbboi adds to the Records Section. Tis is so I can keep accurate details.

8. Birthdays are added to the Birthday Section.

9. Links are added to the Websites/Links Section.
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